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Our experienced  agents make  sure that our principals  have best solution when in contact to port authorities . We co-operate with the  ship masters and port captains and address their  queries, whenever they are, at  the right place, at the right time and  with  the  best quality and Quick dispatch. Services  provided by Gabmarine Shipping Fishing Vessels, cargo operations,  including  transshipments, dry-docking  and  afloat, Agency include,  but are not limited by  the  following arrival / departure formalities for liner, Bulk, General cargo vessels, Tankers, Reefers, Cruise , Passenger vessels bunkering, supplies of fresh water, stores, provisions, spare parts and charts, medical assistance , surveying  of  vessels  and  cargo, on-hire and off-hire redelivery owners protecting agents on request minimizing of port expenses attendance of passengers and ship’s.

Gab Marine Services

Shipping Agency

Offers following services to ship owners and chatterers as ships agent and protecting agent if required in all Egyptian ports and Suez Canal

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Gabmarine Handling

Oil Tankers , LNG , LPG , Bulk Carriers , Container ships , Heavy lift , Vehicle Carriers , Spare Parts and All other types of vessels.

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Transit Agents

Fast and reliable service with competitive PROFORMA D / A , Full Agency Services , Ship Chandlers Services and CTM & Bunkering

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Maritime Services

Underwater Inspections, diving services, underwater weldings and cleaning , Scaling & Painting and Laundry and ironing services

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Ship Chandlers

Fresh, Frozen, Dry Provision , Bonded Stores ( Spirits, Cigarettes .Etc ) , Cabinet & Galley Stores and Deck & Engine Stores.

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Crew Change

Joining and repatriating crew change during Transit and Crew may join or land for repatriation at canal ports.

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Provide fast and smooth Suez Canal transit, loading or discharging for all ships types in all Egyptian ports.

Protect owner’s, charterer’s and all parties interests with high class level of performance.

Gabmarine has marvelous communication channel through Port Said head office which is located next to Suez Canal edges, thus Atlas is on spot 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Gabmarine has high standards of local connections and long historical experience with high professional organizations as Atlas member of:

  1. 1.  BIMCO                                                 Member since 1979
  2. INTERTANKO                                     Member since 1979
  3. Shipping Chambers membership    (Port Said, Suez & Red Sea, Damietta &Alexandria).
  4. ISO 9001/2008 certified         Since 2004 up till now.